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Myriam Andries. Myriam's soul and life is filled with spontaneity.  Whether in her projects or on the road, she is constantly looking for opportunities to experience and capture the beauty she sees around her.  Her eyes and mind dance with excitement as she explores life through new worlds, people, landscapes, and customs.  Through all her adventures, Myriam has many incredible stories to tell.  These stories will enchant the imagination of all who listen.

After studying photography at INRACI (Brussels), Myriam was consumed by her desire for discovery and she set off to explore the world through her numerous travels.  Her adventures took her all around the globe, from Cambodia to Mexico, to South Africa, and beyond.  She completed her training by following the teachings of major photo-reporters during several workshops organized by the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop.

With her experience in teaching at art schools in Brussels, she is currently organizing photo tours.  This truly allows her to live her intense passion for photography through continued sharing and learning.



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