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TERESA AVIEDMA "Teresaverso"

My name is Teresa Arévalo Viedma and I am a Spanish photographer from Granada (South of Spain). I work digital and film photography.
The places in my photographs are a kind of “emotional landscapes”, as somehow,  all these scenes show my feelings, dreams, mood, worries… in short, a part of myself, of my emotions.
For me, these kind of ethereal spaces separate the reality from what is remembered or dreamed.

These photographs have been mostly taken in a journey across some parts of Canada like Quebec and the beautiful National Park of Banff in Alberta. The work is about the innocence and magic way to look at people and places
when we are children as well as the real and pure feelings that we experience at this stage of our life. When we believe that everything is possible, our best dreams can come true and the characters and places from the fairy tales we read
can take shape and exist in real life.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teresaverso

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