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LEGAL & Privacy
General sales conditions

Article 1- Definition

    •    PHOTART: trademark managed by FAREFOTOGRAFIA (cultural association) holder of the services offered with headquarters in Rome at Via Mastro Giorgio 22- Cf 9770550586 P.iva 11998651001
    •    Professional clients: companies, businesses companies with commercial activities and or professional with company name, registered with the chamber of commerce and with Partita Iva that enjoys the services offered by PHOTART
    •    Private clients; subjects not operating a commercial or professional business that enjoys the services offered by PHOTART
    •    Price: the price refers to the cost of the service offered by PHOTART, besides the purchase of the print within the agreed terms.

Article 2- services offered
The services offered are supplied with the terms and conditions hereunder with the exclusion of all other terms or conditions supplied by the client. Any variation or modification of the present conditions will have to be accepted in writing by PHOTART. PHOTART guarantees the pacific use of the rights granted, within the terms and modes and agreed arrangements, by the author or by those who entitled.

Article 3- mode of acceptance and obligation by the client
Services are offered in accordance with the indications on the website on the terms, costs and modes indicated within. Accepting these terms is implied in the accepting to place the purchase and transmitted to PHOTART through the compilation of each part of the order form within the ecommerce part of the site (link).
The client commits to use the material within the agreed upon conditions, and is otherwise responsible.

Article 4- payment
The payment will take place entirely at the moment of the order, and will take place via email-ecommerce. This order will be fulfilled to the address indicated by the client, within on day plus the time of preselected delivery, upon the completing of the payment.

Article 5- transfer of credit
Photart, without further acceptance by the client, is authorized from this moment to transfer the credit to third parties, credit deriving from this contract.

Article 6- intellectual property rights
Purchasing images in no way implies the transfer of the negative or the means of reproducing the art work (original, or mold of the art work) the right to use it and reproduce is strictly limited to the agreed conditions. Any use or extension or modification of such, without the consent from PHOTART is not allowed. The use of the material and its exploitation is subject to protection under L.N.633/41 law for authorship of the work.

Article 7- Consumers
The present conditions do not affect consumer rights protected as consumers by art. 1469 bis e ss of the civil code.

Article 8- Information by L 675/1996 (Privacy protection)
Conforming with law 675/99 regarding protection of personal data, PHOTART informs that:
1.Personal data or that of a company that is freely communicated to PHOTART will be registered with Electronic support and protected and treated in a personal manner for its own institutional finality, connected to the activity of the company itself to assist the client with information or promotional material.
2. The data is not communicated to third parties, except for disclosure in favor of the author or the person holding the rights to the work.
3. In compliance with ex art 13 for the law 675/99, in any moment and free of charge the client may consult, add to or modify or delete the data, or oppose in any part to their use dictated in point 1, writing to: PHOTART- farefotografia via imprunetana per Tavarnuzze 31- Impruneta  (FI) Italia  sono  or sending an email to and write rescindere in the object.

Article 9- applicable law- Jurisdiction- Court of Competence
The present general conditions are governed and interpreted conform to Italian Law and are subject exclusively to Italian Jurisdiction within the competent court exclusively in Rome.


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