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Farefotografia is committed to the management of the website and considers the contents provided by galleries, press agents for artists, press agents, cultural information websites, and other sources it uses  reliable and declines and responsibility regarding any damage direct or indirect that could arise from possible errors or inaccuracies, or due to the lack of updating of the information, especially if the informational content, is used by the viewer for decision making of any nature, either cultural, entrepreneurial, economic or financial.
Basically, as a logical consequence, it is clear that the web site PHOTART does not supply any guarantee regarding consulting the website, and visiting the web site is at the users own risk.

Therefor we note that in NO CASE Farefotografia’s editor, director, or editorial staff  CAN BE HELD RESPONSIBLE TOWARDS THE USER FOR INDIRECT OR DIRECT DAMAGE, INCIDENTAL, and CONSEQUENTIAL OR DERIVED FROM THE USE OF OR IN RELATION TO THE USE OF THE WEBSITE. RESPONSIBILITY BY THE WEBSITE TOWARDS THE USER IS NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY AMOUNT. Material sent to the editor or the editorial staff will not be returned unless specifically requested.

The publication of material sent in is at the sole discresion of the editorial staff, which will view all material sent and choose. If something were not to be published, the inclusion or non-inclusion on the web site is due to factors independent of the quality of the document received. Any use that is different or given to third parties is rigorously forbidden.

The services hereunder can vary without advanced notice. Regarding all materials on the website and, it is not allowed to manipulate, change in size, extrapolate details, or alter the quality of the images or the text.

Any use other than consultation is severely Forbidden, this includes lending, renting, projecting images in private or public spaces, the use of the images is not allowed in any publication online or offline (websites CD-ROM, presentations, animation, video or other multi-media products), even for non commercial use. The text, data and images on the website are public in good faith, for their accuracy and truth.

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